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HHello !  this is my little page to talk about whatever I want.  I could bore you with what equipment I use and things like that, but do you really care about that?  Let's just let the ol' bassist ramble on about who he is! 

I first have to say that playing in this band, with Buddy, Shim, and Derek has been the best of times.  I couldn't be in a better band.  It's been over 25 years since Buddy, Shim and I first got together and jammed at Shim's house.  We knew from that point we had awesome chemistry together.  A couple years later, we continued on with "Nik Danger".  It was this band that set the pace for the oncoming years.  We played non-stop in this band until 1985

I left the band in 1985,however, there was many good things that did happen during the upcoming years.  Rumors was formed, but I wasn't in the original lineup.  I would attend Rumors shows and was so impressed at what my friends had accomplished.  They had taken their musical abilities in a new direction, and it was working great! 

I joined back up with the band in 1991.  It was great to be back with Jimmy and Buddy.  We seem to have a sound between the three of us that can't be beat.  Don't believe me ??  Come out to a show and hear it for yourself.

I would like to thank my beautiful wife, Janine, who has supported me in everything I do, especially playing music.  Life began at 40........ and it just keeps getting better.  "Being happy is pretty amazing"

Oh yes, back to the music.  I use Gallien-Krueger Amps,
8 X 10's,  Korg O1W-FD keyboard, Fatar bass pedals.  For my basses, I use a  a Fender Jazz bass, "Geddy Lee" model, and a Steinberger bass ............  and a newly added "Breedlove" Acoustic bass. 
(Thanks Honey)