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Jimmy "Shim Shim" Looman

Allow me to introduce myself. My given name is Jim or James, if you prefer, Looman. A.K.A. Shim or Shimshim if you prefer that. I'm the fellow that puts the bump in your rump. Yes, that's right... I am for all intensive purposes a booty mover, also known as the drummer of this band. What a lot of people don't know, is that I've also been known to pick up the guitar from time to time. Hmm... Even write a song or two. And believe it or not I prefer the ballads, like J.T. , Fogelburg, Simon and Garfunkle, you know that mushy crap. But you will never catch me calling myself a guitar player. I'll leave that to the Masters. My experience is more of a therapeutic release meant for only my ears.
They tell me I only landed this gig because I was the only one that could count to four, but between me and you I've heard a couple of the guys make it to five without me hearing them. So I think they just keep me around out of pity. They are a charitable group of guys. And my best friends, all of them. I've seen a lot of this world and what it can do, and if I had to do it without any one of them, it would have been a much harder journey. Thanks guys, I love you.

If this were a job interview and I suppose you'd like to know my qualifications. they are as follows; As mentioned before, I can count to four, I have drums, and am willing to travel, I've been known to carouse in places your parents warned you about, all major qualities needed if Rock star Wannabee is something that's ever crossed your mind. Other than that, I'm afraid that I must confess to never really have had any formal "training" unless you count watching all the drummers I could, and shamefully trying to imitate them, forgive me for stealing your tricks and tips. You won't see me twirling my sticks in a frenzy or raising the roof with some mind boggling solo, I have a hard enough time keeping you on the floor. And that's really what it's all about right? That's what you'll remember, how much fun you had dancing last night, well that's our intention anyway.

If you've never been to a Rumors show,...go it's a great time. If not well all I can say is funk off. To all of you that have made a show. Thanks for partying and shakin your booties, and here's a little secret, we probably enjoyed it as much or more than you. See ya again real soon, Shim

And now a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to my family, who have let me indulge myself in this selfish pursuit. You've let me sneak in the house after what must have seemed like endless hours of practice. Tolerated the most obnoxious sounds over and over only to say. that's my Dad up there. That's what he's about. I love you , and thank you for your undying support. I love you so much!